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    Our governance

      Information on the HM Treasury board and its sub-committees.
    The role of the board

    The purpose of the HM Treasury board is to advise and support the department’s ministers, and operationally turn policy into reality.

    The board:

    ~ monitors and improves the Treasury’s performance; makes sure opportunities and risks are recognised in both the short and long term
    ~ ensures Treasury staff and resources are correctly allocated
    ~ protects and enhances the Treasury’s reputation as a world-class finance ministry


    The HM Treasury board is made up of the permanent secretary, the second permanent secretaries, the directors general, and the directors of finance, strategy and corporate services, as well as non-executive members.

    Audit Committee

    The Treasury Group Audit Committee supports the Permanent Secretary in his role as head of the department and as the Principal Accounting Officer. It also supports the Treasury Additional Accounting Officers in their responsibilities for managing risk, internal control and governance, related to the Central Funds and the Group’s Resource Account.